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Here's what people are saying about Uber Vocal Coach.

Quote from Jeff - Maui, US


[My granddaughter] "had the highest grade for choir class.  Thanks for the coaching and confidence building. 100%!"


Quote from Laura - Maui, US


"Dee was an incredible teacher! She offered me lots of great encouragement, and had new and innovative techniques to help me reach my full potential. I am grateful to her for helping me increase my range and helping my confidence to grow."


Quote from Kristen - Maui, US


“I was really happy that you spent time on breathing and technique, since it is hard to move forward without the basics... You were really easy to get to know and good at making shy people feel comfortable.”


Quote from Meron - London, UK


“Being shy with new people I found this class great because it was a high intensity class in a relaxed, non-threatening and friendly environment. I felt free to break down and explore my voice. I have learned a lot about my body gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms that go into singing. I have also learned the importance and effectiveness of good relaxation when singing and how to listen to my body and know what feels right and wrong when singing.”


Quote from Bianca - LA, US


“During my time with Uber Vocal Coach, I have experienced a steep learning curve, leaving with something new after every lesson.”


Quote from Hetal - London, UK


“I find you not only learn how to sing but also how to perform and deliver a song full of emotion and feeling to the best of your ability. I can feel my confidence improving and highly recommend Dee to anyone who is serious about singing and wants to pursue it professionally.”


Quote from Jade, Hana, Hawaii


“My 1st singing class ever, very wonderful instructions & warm ups. A lot of valuable tools to use, Mahalo.”


Quote from Howard Ahia - Professional Artist/Guitarist, Maui, Hawaii


Dee is a great performer with an incredible voice. A seasoned professional. I have had vocal lessons from her. She is simply awesome!”


Quote from attendee at Community Rap Workshop at Ferndown, Dorset, UK


“It was so much fun! Thank you for coming to a remote place such as Ferndown to sing with and for us and spread the love of music!


Quotes from School Music Workshops (Year 7 to GCSE level), UK


” I am very impressed with the way you handled the class and taught music & instrumentation to them, you made it fresh and easy to get to grips with”


“Thank you for your time and effort.  The class enjoyed it immensely.”

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